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Our winery is one of the Niagara; Benchland area's true hidden gems.

“Sophisticated wines. Passionately produced.”


Greenlane Estate Winery is a female-run winery located directly adjacent to the base of the iconic Niagara Escarpment in Vineland, Ontario. Established in 2009, we proudly craft small-batch, VQA-certified wines and invite one to savour a glass of Greenlane on our inviting country property.


We passionately produce small amounts of sophisticated and cellar worthy Chardonnay, Blanc de Blancs, Riesling and a variety of Bordeaux reds from our 10-acre site. Ontario’s cool but variable climate affords us the opportunity to embrace vintage variations as an opportunity to create different, but always elegant wines from a few select varietals grown both on our estate and from neighbouring growers.


We are also committed to sustainable and organic practices in winemaking, using eco-friendly methods to reduce our environmental impact and preserve the natural beauty of the region.


Our enthusiastic retail associates aim to always provide an unforgettable experience for wine novices to enthusiasts.


Come take a moment with us at Greenlane.

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